作者: Paivi M Miettunen Oliva Ortiz-Alvarez Ross E Petty Rolando Cimaz Lori B Tucker
年份: 2004
引用: 81
来源: The Journal of Rheumatology
主题: systemic lupus erythematosusethnic origin
下载: Oxford Univ Press NCBI 万方医学 ResearchGate
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the associations of gender and ethnic origin with longterm outcome in childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). METHODS...

作者: Y. Caraco J. Sheller A.J. Wood
年份: 1999
引用: 500
来源: Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
主题: ethnic origin
下载: Europe PMC Wiley NCBI ResearchGate 万方医学
CYP2D6 is polymorphically distributed so that in poor metabolizers enzyme activity is missing. The goal of this study was to compare the pharmacokinetics a...

作者: H S Cuckle K Nanchahal N J Wald
年份: 2010
引用: 22
来源: British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
主题: ethnic originRoot systems
下载: Europe PMC NCBI Wiley 万方医学 ResearchGate EBSCO 360 Link
Nois available for this article.

作者: Montgomery, S. M. Morris, D. L. Pounder, R. E. Wakefield, A. J.
年份: 1999
引用: 78
来源: European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology
主题: ulcerative colitisethnic originCrohn's diseaseinflammatory bowel disease
下载: NCBI Europe PMC LWW Journals 万方医学 ResearchGate
To assess whether inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is more prevalent in young Asians than Europeans living in Great Britain.Longitudinal birth cohort study...

作者: Ira N. Gang Klaus F. Zimmermann
年份: 2000
引用: 57
来源: The Journal of Human Resources
主题: Ethnic OriginEducational AttainmentHuman Capital
下载: ERIC ResearchGate ProQuest EBSCO ProQuest 360 Link
The speed at which immigrants assimilate is the subject of debate. Human capital formation plays a major role in this discussion. The authors compare secon...

作者: Zolfino T
年份: 2002
引用: 500
来源: Gut
主题: hepatic ductethnic originobstructive jaundicecommon bile ductautoimmune hepatitisbiliary tree
下载: 万方 BMJ Oxford Univ Press Europe PMC NCBI 万方医学 ResearchGate ProQuest
BACKGROUND: Significant diversity in disease severity has been identified for autoimmune disorders among different ethnic groups but there is a lack of dat...

作者: Taketsugu Tadokoro Nobuhiko Kobayashi Barbara Z Zmudzka Shosuke Ito Vincent J Hearing
年份: 2003
引用: 123
来源: The FASEB Journal
主题: DNA Damageethnic originhuman skinUltraviolet Rays
下载: NCBI Europe PMC 万方医学 JBC ResearchGate 万方医学
Ultraviolet radiation stimulates pigmentation in human skin, but the mechanism(s) whereby this increase in melanin production (commonly known as tanning) o...

作者: Gang, Ira Zimmermann, Klaus F
年份: 1996
引用: 47
来源: CEPR Discussion Papers
主题: Ethnic OriginEducational Attainment
The speed at which immigrants assimilate is the subject of debate. Human capital formation plays a major role in this discussion. This paper compares the e...

作者: Gutta Srinivas Huang Jeffrey R.J.
年份: 2000
引用: 94
来源: IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
主题: Ethnic OriginHuman Faces
下载: EBSCO 360 Link
Describes the application of mixtures of experts on gender and ethnic classification of human faces, and pose classification, and show their feasibility on...

作者: C. D'Arcy J. Holman Bruce K. Armstrong
年份: 1984
引用: 38
来源: JNCI J Natl Cancer Inst
主题: Benign NeviEthnic OriginRisk FactorsFamily History
下载: Oxford Univ Press
The roles of constitutional factors and benign nevi in causation of malignant melanoma were examined in a case-control study of 511 patients and 511 matche...

作者: Deborah A Dawson
年份: 1998
引用: 37
来源: Journal of Substance Abuse
主题: Ethnic Origindisease concept
下载: Oxford Univ Press Elsevier NCBI Europe PMC ResearchGate
This study used data on 42,862 U.S. adults, including 18,352 past-year drinkers, to describe differentials by race and national origin in U.S. drinking pat...

作者: T Georgiou C L Funnell A Cassels-Brown R O'Conor
年份: 2004
引用: 23
来源: Eye
下载: Nature ResearchGate EBSCO 360 Link ProQuest
A microwave N-2-H-2 discharge driven by a travelling surface wave is investigated as a source of ground state N(S-4) and H(1s) atoms. Experimental investig...

作者: I.C. Paterson J.W. Eveson S.S. Prime
年份: 1996
引用: 135
来源: European Journal of Cancer Part B Oral Oncology
主题: p53 mutationoral cancerethnic origin
下载: Elsevier NCBI Europe PMC ResearchGate
Oral cancer, although uncommon in the Western world, accounts for up to 40% of all malignancies in parts of India and South East Asia. Recognised aetiologi...

作者: Jaap Goudsmit Beverly J. White Lowell R. Weitkamp Bronya J.B. Keats D.Carleton Gajdusek
年份: 1981
引用: 5
来源: Journal of the Neurological Sciences
主题: ethnic originAlzheimer Diseasegenetic studyAlzheimer s disease
下载: Elsevier NCBI Europe PMC ResearchGate EBSCO
Alzheimer's disease (AD) occurred in 37 individuals from two kindreds of Jewish ancestry with a mode of transmission suggesting an autosomal dominant genet...

作者: D S Thelle O H Førde E Arnesen
年份: 1982
引用: 46
来源: 《Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health》
主题: lipoprotein cholesteroldisease studyethnic origin
下载: BMJ Europe PMC JSTOR NCBI 万方医学 ProQuest ResearchGate
As a part of a survey for cardiovascular risk factors high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) was determined in 15 942 men and women aged 20-53. Women had on average 0路24 mmol/l higher HDL-C concentration than men. The difference w...

作者: Lina Andersson Mats Hammarstedt Shakir Hussain Ghazi Shukur
年份: 2013
引用: 75
来源: The Annals of Regional Science
主题: Ethnic origin
下载: Springer ResearchGate ProQuest
We investigate the importance of ethnic origin and local labour markets conditions for self-employment propensities in Sweden. In line with previous resear...

作者: Ryan C. Neal Keith C. Ferdinand Joseph Y?as Elinor Miller
年份: 2009
引用: 40
来源: American Journal of Medicine
主题: ethnic origincreatine kinase
下载: BMJ Europe PMC NCBI Elsevier EM|consult ProQuest ResearchGate 万方医学
Creatine kinase is expressed at high levels in muscle, where it plays a central role in energy metabolism. Highly elevated creatine kinase levels in blood ...

作者: D S Thelle O H F?rde E Arnesen
年份: 1982
引用: 2
来源: Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health
主题: lipoprotein cholesteroldisease studyethnic origin
下载: BMJ 360 Link ProQuest
As a part of a survey for cardiovascular risk factors high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) was determined in 15 942 men and women aged 20-53. Women...

作者: Syndercombe-court, Denise
年份: 2003
引用: 7
来源: US
主题: ethnic origin
下载: FreePatentsOnline Google Patents
A method is provided which enables the identification of the ethnic origin of a human subject by means of analysis of certain short tandem repeat (STR) markers from the Y-chromosome of the subject.