作者: Robert W. Jeffery Adam Drewnowski Leonard H. Epstein Albert J. Stunkard D.R. Hill
年份: 2000
引用: 462
来源: Health Psychology Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology American Psychological Association
主题: Long-term maintenanceCardiovascular DiseasesWeight LossBehavior TherapyLife StyleLong-Term Care
下载: Oxford Univ Press BMJ Europe PMC APA NCBI NRC Research Press CiNii ResearchGate 万方医学
Intervention strategies for promoting long-term weight loss are examined empirically and conceptually. Weight control research over the last 20 years has d...

作者: L H Epstein A. M. Valoski R R Wing J McCurley
年份: 1990
引用: 466
来源: JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association
主题: Clinical ProtocolsFamily TherapyBody HeightBody WeightObese ChildrenBehavior Therapy
下载: Oxford Univ Press BioMed Central Europe PMC BMJ NCBI CAB Direct Taylor & Francis JAMA JAMA 万方医学
Using a prospective, randomized, controlled design, we examined the effects of behavioral family-based treatment on percent overweight and growth over 10 y...

作者: Leonard H. Epstein PhD; Michelle D. Myers MA; Hollie A. Raynor Brian E. Saelens
年份: 1998
引用: 500
来源: Pediatrics
主题: type 2 diabetespediatric obesityEndocrine systemtype 1 diabetes
下载: APA BMJ CAB Direct Europe PMC Oxford Univ Press NCBI 万方医学 ProQuest ResearchGate
The primary goal of childhood obesity interventions is regulation of body weight and fat with adequate nutrition for growth and development. Ideally, these...

作者: Epstein, Leonard H. Valoski, Alice Wing, Rena R. McCurley, James
年份: 1994
引用: 500
来源: Health Psychology Official Journal of the Division of Health Psychology American Psychological Association
主题: childhood obesityLife StyleBody HeightBody WeightTreatment Outcome
下载: NCBI BMJ Europe PMC APA CiNii ResearchGate 万方医学
We report 10-year treatment outcomes for obese children in 4 randomized treatment studies. At 10 years, 34% decreased percentage overweight by 20% or more,...

作者: Gennuso, Jennifer Epstein, Leonard H. Paluch, Rocco A. Cerny, Frank
年份: 1998
引用: 216
来源: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med
主题: Medical RecordsRelationship BetweenHispanic AmericansUrban HealthUrban MinorityBody Mass Index
下载: BMJ Europe PMC NCBI Oxford Univ Press ResearchGate
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the relationship between asthma and obesity in children and adolescents. DESIGN: Medical record review. SETTING: Urban community ...

作者: Goldfield, G S Epstein, L H Kilanowski, C K Paluch, R A Kogut-Bossler, B
年份: 2001
引用: 254
来源: International Journal of Obesity
主题: childhood obesitygroup treatment
下载: BMJ APA Nature NCBI ResearchGate
Family-based, behavioral treatment has been shown to be an effective intervention for the management of pediatric obesity. The goal of this study was to co...

作者: Stice, E. Yokum, S. Burger, K. S. Epstein, L. H. Small, D. M.
年份: 2011
引用: 500
来源: Journal of Neuroscience the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience
主题: WIN55
下载: Pubmed Central Europe PMC NCBI 万方医学 ResearchGate EBSCO
Obese humans, compared with normal-weight humans, have less striatal D2 receptors and striatal response to food intake; weaker striatal response to food pr...

作者: Epstein LH
年份: 1996
引用: 21
来源: Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord
主题: Weight LossBehavior TherapyLife Styleobese childrenFood Preferences
下载: NCBI Europe PMC ResearchGate AGRIS
The family environment can contribute to the development of obesity, Parenting styles may influence the development of food preferences and the ability of ...

作者: Leonard H. Epstein and Rena R. Wing and Randi Koeske and Alice Valoski
年份: 1985
引用: 20
来源: Behavior Therapy
主题: aerobic exerciseweight lossobese children
下载: Elsevier 360 Link ProQuest
Epstein LH, Wing RR, Koeske R, Valoski A. A comparison of lifestyle exercise, aerobic exercise, and calisthenics on weight loss in obese children. ...

作者: Wrotniak, Brian H. Epstein, Leonard H. Paluch, Rocco A. Roemmich, James N.
年份: 2004
引用: 72
来源: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med
主题: Weight ChangeTime FactorsFamily HealthBehavior TherapyBody Mass Index
下载: BMJ Oxford Univ Press Europe PMC NCBI Taylor & Francis ResearchGate
BACKGROUND: Family-based behavioral weight control treatment involves the parent in the modification of child and parent eating and activity change. OBJECT...

作者: Leonard H. Epstein Rocco A. Paluch Hollie A. Raynor
年份: 2012
引用: 88
来源: Obes Res
主题: physical activityobese childrenSex differences
下载: Nature NCBI Europe PMC Wiley CiNii ResearchGate
Objective: The primary goal was to evaluate sex differences in child weight control programs that targeted increasing physical activity (increase) or the c...

作者: Epstein, Leonard H. Smith, Jeffrey A. Vara, Linda S. Rodefer, Joshua S.
年份: 1991
引用: 98
来源: Health Psychology
主题: obese childreneconomic analysisBEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS
下载: Oxford Univ Press Europe PMC APA NCBI NRC Research Press 万方医学 ResearchGate EBSCO
Evaluated children's choice for sedentary versus vigorous activity. Experiment 1 assessed the influence of percent overweight (less than 20%, 20% to 80%, g...

年份: 2016
引用: 82
来源: Appetite
主题: Energy IntakeBody Mass Index
下载: Oxford Univ Press Europe PMC NCBI Wiley APA Elsevier AGRIS ResearchGate 万方医学
Food is a powerful reinforcer, and individual differences in the reinforcing efficacy of food may provide a mechanism to explain the excess intake and posi...

作者: Leddy John J.
年份: 2010
引用: 63
来源: Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine
主题: blood pressurePreliminary StudyExercise Training
下载: EBSCO 360 Link
Leddy JJ, Kozlowski K, Donnelly JP, Pendergast DR, Epstein LH, Willer B. A preliminary study of subsymptom threshold exercise training for refractory ...

作者: Leonard H. Epstein Rocco A. Paluch Karen J. Coleman Dominica Vito Katarina Anderson
年份: 1996
引用: 94
来源: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
主题: physical activityobese children
下载: Wiley NCBI Europe PMC LWW Journals NRC Research Press 万方医学 ResearchGate
Previous research has shown that predictors of activity in adults depend upon the method of measurement. This study is designed to assess the predictors of...

作者: Leonard H.Epstein Elizabeth A.Handley Kelly K.Dearing David D.Cho James N.Roemmich Rocco A.Paluch Samina Raja Youngju Pak Bonnie Spring
年份: 2006
引用: 53
来源: Psychological Science
主题: semantic priminglexical processing
下载: ProQuest ProQuest SAGE EBSCO EBSCO 360 Link
One way to increase choice of healthy over unhealthy behaviors is to increase the cost of less healthy alternatives or reduce the cost of healthier alterna...

年份: 2004
引用: 75
来源: Med Sci Sports Exerc
主题: physical activitySEDENTARY BEHAVIOR
下载: BMJ Europe PMC NCBI NRC Research Press LWW Journals CiNii 万方医学 ResearchGate EBSCO
PURPOSE: The number of youth that meet activity guidelines is decreasing and easy access to reinforcing sedentary behaviors competes with increasing physic...

作者: Joan P Dorn Frank J Cerny Leonard H Epstein John Naughton Maurizio Trevisan
年份: 1999
引用: 140
来源: Annals of Epidemiology
主题: Survival AnalysisAge FactorsPopulation SampleCoronary Disease
下载: BMJ NCBI Europe PMC Elsevier ResearchGate
PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine the long-term relationships between total physical activity and mortality from all causes and coronary he...

作者: Wilfley, Denise E. Stein, Richard I. Saelens, Brian E. Mockus, Danyte S. Matt, Georg E. Hayden-Wade, Helen A. Welch, R. Robinson Schechtman, Kenneth B. Thompson, Paul A. Epstein, Leonard H.
年份: 2007
引用: 23
来源: Jama
主题: Maintenance Treatment
This article presents the results of a clinical trial to compare two weight loss approaches for overweight children. Childhood obesity is a huge problem around the world and especially in the U.S. where rates of obese children have tripl...