作者: S.B. Heymsfield C.A.J. van Mierlo H.C.M. van der Knaap M Heo H.I. Frier
年份: 2003
引用: 500
来源: Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord
主题: Weight managementsix studiesreplacement strategy
下载: BMJ Nature NCBI Europe PMC ResearchGate AGRIS
OBJECTIVE: Although used by millions of overweight and obese consumers, there has not been a systematic assessment on the safety and effectiveness of a mea...

作者: Gallagher D Heymsfield SB Heo M et al
年份: 2000
引用: 95
来源: 未知
主题: body mass index
An, Healthy percentage body fat ranges: On, approach for developing guidelines based body mass index

作者: Dympna Gallagher Steven B Heymsfield Moonseong Heo Susan A Jebb Peter R Murgatroyd Yoichi Sakamoto
年份: 2000
引用: 83
来源: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
主题: body mass
下载: 360 Link ProQuest
Background: Although international interest in classifying subject health status according to adiposity is increasing, no accepted published ranges of perc...

作者: Lee, Robert C Wang, ZiMian Heo, Moonseong Ross, Robert Janssen, Ian Heymsfield, Steven B
年份: 2000
引用: 121
来源: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
主题: body compositionskeletal muscle
下载: Oxford Univ Press 万方 CAB Direct 万方 Europe PMC NCBI NRC Research Press ResearchGate
BACKGROUND: Skeletal muscle (SM) is a large body compartment of biological importance, but it remains difficult to quantify SM with affordable and practica...

作者: Zhang, Yiying Guo, Kai-Ying Diaz, Patricia A. Heo, Moonseong Leibel, Rudolph L.
年份: 2002
引用: 150
来源: Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol
主题: DNA PrimersAdipose TissueBody Weightgene expression
下载: NCBI Europe PMC ResearchGate EBSCO
The relationship of leptin gene expression to adipocyte volume was investigated in lean 10-wk-old male C57BL/6J mice. mRNA levels for leptin, insulin recep...

作者: David B. Allison Gary L. Gadbury Moonseong Heo José R. Fernández Cheol-Koo Lee Tomas A. Prolla Richard Weindruch
年份: 2002
引用: 90
来源: Computational Statistics & Data Analysis
主题: data analysismolecular biologymixture modelstatistical significancemicroarray gene expression data
下载: Elsevier ACM EconPapers ResearchGate EBSCO
Microarrays have emerged as powerful tools allowing investigators to assess the expression of thousands of genes in different tissues and organisms. Statis...

作者: Allison, D B Zannolli, R Faith, M S Heo, M Pietrobelli, A Vanltallie, T B Pi-Sunyer, F X Heymsfield, S B
年份: 1999
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来源: Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord
主题: fat lossmortality rateCohort StudiesCardiovascular DiseasesWeight LossAdipose Tissue
下载: NCBI Europe PMC Nature CiNii ResearchGate EBSCO
OBJECTIVE: In epidemiological studies, weight loss is usually associated with increased mortality rate. Contrarily, among obese people, weight loss reduces...

作者: Hong-Joo Son Geun-Tae Park Mi-Sun Cha Moon-Soo Heo
年份: 2006
引用: 30
来源: Bioresource Technology
主题: soybean rhizospherePhosphate solubilization
下载: Elsevier Europe PMC NCBI 万方医学 AGRIS ResearchGate EBSCO
To develop environment-friendly biofertilizer solubilizing insoluble phosphates, salt- and pH-tolerant, insoluble inorganic phosphate-solubilizing bacteriu...

作者: Faith, M. S. Leone, M. A. Ayers, T. S. Heo, M. Pietrobelli, A.
年份: 2002
引用: 144
来源: Pediatrics
主题: Physical ActivityCoping Skills
下载: Oxford Univ Press CAB Direct NCBI 万方医学 ResearchGate SAGE
OBJECTIVE: National health guidelines advocate increased physical activity in children and adolescents, but specific goals are not being achieved. Data are...

作者: M S Faith N Berman MS Heo A Pietrobelli D B Allison
年份: 2001
引用: 122
主题: Physical Activitychildhood obesityObese Childrenbehavioral therapysedentary behaviorTelevision Viewing
下载: Oxford Univ Press BMJ NCBI NRC Research Press 万方医学 ResearchGate EBSCO
Objective. Elevated television (TV) viewing and physical inactivity promote obesity in children. Thus, changes in physical activity and sedentary behavior ...

作者: Heo, M Leibel, R L Fontaine, K R Boyer, B B Chung, W K Koulu, M Karvonen, M K Pesonen, U Rissanen, A Laakso, M
年份: 2002
引用: 75
来源: International Journal of Obesity & Related Metabolic Disorders Journal of the International Association for the Study of Obesity
主题: leptin receptorbody mass index
下载: Wiley NCBI BMJ Nature Europe PMC 万方医学 ResearchGate EBSCO
METHOD: We analyzed data pooled from nine studies on the human leptin receptor (LEPR) gene for the association of three alleles (K109R, Q223R and K656N) of...

作者: T. J. Cole M. S. Faith A. Pietrobelli M. Heo
年份: 2005
引用: 0
来源: 未知
主题: Clinical Nutrition
Erratum: What is the best measure of adiposity change in growing children: BMI, BMI%, BMI z-score or BMI centile? (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (...

作者: Alexopoulos G. S. Kiosses D. N. Heo M. Murphy C. F. Shanmugham B. Gunning-Dixon F.
年份: 2005
引用: 38
主题: Executive DysfunctionGeriatric Depression
Executive Dysfunction and the Course of Geriatric Depression

作者: David B. Allison Moonseong Heo Norman Kaplan Eden R. Martin
年份: 1999
引用: 132
来源: American Journal of Human Genetics
主题: Nuclear FamilyGenetic Linkage
下载: Cell Press NCBI Elsevier Europe PMC ResearchGate 万方医学 EBSCO
The transmission/disequilibrium test (TDT) developed by Spielman et al. can be a powerful family-based test of linkage and, in some cases, a test of associ...

作者: Heo M Faith MS Pietrobelli A Heymsfield SB
年份: 2012
引用: 10
来源: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Official Journal of the American Society for Clinical Nutrition
主题: sex ageadult population
Background: To date, there is no consensus regardi

作者: Kevin R. Fontaine Steffany Haaz Moonseong Heo
年份: 2007
引用: 500
来源: Clinical Rheumatology
主题: Arthritis
下载: Springer NCBI ResearchGate 万方医学 EBSCO
Using population-based survey data from the 2003 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey ( BRFSS ), we estimated the population prevalence of self-repor...

作者: Mi-Ae Heo Su-Hyun Kim So-Yeon Kim Yu-Jin Kim Junho Chung Min-Kyu Oh Sun-Gu Lee
年份: 2006
引用: 37
来源: Protein Expression & Purification
主题: fragment antibodySoluble expressionEscherichia coliFunctional expression
下载: 万方 Europe PMC Elsevier NCBI ResearchGate 万方医学
c-Met, a high affinity receptor for hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor, shown to be overexpressed in a variety of malignant cells, is a potential biom...

作者: Heo, Mi Young Choi, Su Jung Kim, Hae Soon Sohn, Se Jung
年份: 2002
引用: 0
来源: J Microbiol Immunol Infect
主题: Atypical Kawasaki DiseaseMucocutaneous Lymph Node SyndromeClinical Features
From 1989 through 1998, a total of 132 children admitted to the National Taiwan University Hospital were identified as having Kawasaki disease. Twenty (15%...

作者: Dong-Oh Moon Cheol Park Moon-Soo Heo Yeong-Min Park Yung Hyun Choi Gi-Young Kim
年份: 2006
引用: 0
来源: 한국생명과학회 심포지움
主题: U937 cellssignal pathwayG1 arrest
PD98059 triggers G1 arrest and apoptosis in human leukemic U937 cells through downregulation of Akt signal pathway

作者: Kwon, Dohyeon Jeon, Chan-Gi Shin, Junho Heo, Myoung-Sun Park, Sang Eon Song, Youjian Kim, Jungwon
年份: 2017
引用: 125
来源: Scientific Reports
主题: timing jittermeasurement method
下载: Nature NCBI Europe PMC Pubmed Central ResearchGate
Timing jitter is one of the most important properties of femtosecond mode-locked lasers and optical frequency combs. Accurate measurement of timing jitter power spectral density (PSD) is a critical prerequisite for optimizing overall noi...